Joe Stanley

Joe Stanley, using gonzo journalism to expose Rocky Mount’s bad actors.

Joe Stanley, a native of the region, attended Ferrum College and was active in the Jack Tales Players, as well as local politics. After graduating from Ferrum, he went on to NYU and earned his master’s degree in educational theatre. After a brief stint in teaching, Joe joined the world of advertising in NYC and performed as a stand-up comedian in clubs around the city.

In 2002, he returned to Callaway, Virginia to care for his family. There he began working on political campaigns, most famously introducing the world to George Allen’s “Macaca” video during Jim Webb’s successful Senate campaign. Joe also traveled to Iowa in 2015 to assist with Jim Webb’s 2016 run for President. Along the way, he began a thriving business on the Roanoke Farmers Market. Joe increased his product line, grew his business, and eventually opened a brick-and-mortar retail store.

Joe has remained active in politics, even assisting some of the politicians this site focuses on. Growing more aware of the malfeasance in regional government, Joe began collecting information and sending it to local media outlets. Noting blatant errors, and half-hearted attempts to check the facts, Joe grew suspect of corporate media. When he was threatened by the editor of the region’s largest daily publication, Joe knew it was time for a different approach.

Relying on gonzo journalism, RockyMountVA.US synthesizes the verified facts and opinions of various sources in the community in order to reveal the self-serving and outright malicious behavior of some of Rocky Mount’s top leaders.