US Capitol Attacker uses $5,000 Police K9  To Thwart Law Enforcement

US Capitol Attacker uses $5,000 Police K9 To Thwart Law Enforcement

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The Town of Rocky Mount, Virginia, in cooperation with the Rocky Mount Police Department, has allegedly given a K9 unit dog to the disgraced officer and U.S. Capitol attacker, Jacob Fracker. Prior to being fired as a Rocky Mount Police Officer, Fracker had worked very briefly with the K9 unit but did not hold the proper certifications to be a K9 officer.

Mr. Fracker was fired from the Rocky Mount Police Department weeks after it came to light that he participated in the illegal attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Officer Jacob Fracker (left) in the U.S. Capitol Crypt on January 6, 2021

An FBI affidavit filed in support of a search warrant filed January 18, 2021, asserts, “On January 7, 2021, Fracker sent a photo and multiple videos to a friend on Facebook. The photo depicted Fracker, dressed in a black sweatshirt with an American flag on the left side, standing in front of a statue which was holding a ‘Trump 2020, Make America Great Again’ flag. After sending the photo but before sending the videos, Fracker told his Facebook friend ‘Don’t share these. Just thought you should know there’s hitter out here trying to make a fucking difference at any cost.’ The first video (Video 1) appears to depict Fracker (wearing a black sweatshirt with an American flag on the left side) wearing a gas mask inside of the US Capitol building. Turning the camera towards himself, Fracker hits his chest multiple times. Fracker tells his Facebook friend ‘Shit was wild lol I pissed in Nancy P’s toilet.'”

The affidavit goes on to report, “Fracker tells his Facebook friend ‘We did hahaha it was fucking amazing. Flash bangs going off, CS gas, rubber bullets flying by. Felt so good to be back in the shit hahaha I was like 8th person inside the building, shit was fuckin LIT.’”

K9 Units across the nation are facing the notion of decommissioning their dogs that have been trained in marijuana detection. As more and more U.S. states legalize recreational use, there is little interest in these animals from other agencies.

Sgt. Pendleton with Dorka visiting our local schools

When the notion of decommissioning Dorka first arose, a former Rocky Mount Police Sergeant expressed an interest in taking the animal. This Sergeant was the officer in charge of the Rocky Mount K9 program and trained both officers and dogs. Dorka, a German Shorthair Pointer had previously lived with this officer and his family during training.

Rocky Mount Police Chief Ken Criner was angry with the Sergeant for leaving the department and moving to the Franklin County Public Safety Office and he denied the request. Criner unfairly reasoned that Sergeant had children and if the dog were to bite one of them, there would be a liability for the Town.

The minutes of a February 17, 2021 Rocky Mount Town Council meeting indicate a discussion regarding what to do with Dorka. “Officer Fracker was assigned a K9 by the name of Dorka. The K9 was a multi-narcotic trained dog that upon Mr. Fracker being separated from employment with the Rocky Mount Police Department, was since being housed in the kennel.

Sgt. Pendleton in another classroom with Dorka

“Council Member Lee suggested that since Mr. Andy Pendleton was a trainer for the dog that perhaps Mr. Pendleton should be approached about retraining the dog. The consensus of Council was that the dog should be released from the kennel and given into the care of Officer Mason in the interim until details for the dog could be worked out such as Mr. Pendleton with Franklin County Public Safety attempting to retrain the dog if the dog could be retrained and if not, perhaps Officer Mason, if given approval to do so, would then purchase the dog for $5,000.

The Council failed to note that the Town had paid $10,000 for Dorka. They decided, “No action was required at this time.”

The subtext of this discussion was well known. It was alleged that if Sgt. Mason purchased the dog, he would give it to Jacob Fracker.

Chief Criner’s concerns about children had suddenly disappeared as both Mason and Fracker have children at home.

It was confirmed by an employee of the Franklin County Animal Shelter that Dorka had been housed there and that she was collected by the Rocky Mount Police Department.

Rocky Mount, Virginia Police Conduct Fraudulent Raffle
Former K9 Sgt. Josh Mason

A FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was made regarding Dorka. Rather than answer the request as required by law, the Town Manager contacted Sgt. Mason and led him to believe a FOIA request was submitted regarding his children.

In a subsequent conversation via Facebook Messenger, Sgt. Mason told this author “No money exchanged hands,” in regard to Dorka, and that there should Dorka was no one’s business.

::::::: NEW INFORMATION ::::::: Robert Wood, the Town Manager of Rocky Mount said in an email received on 6/17/2021, “Dorka was sold in March of this year in compliance with the directive that the Town Council gave to staff.  The $5,000 that was paid for Dorka was credited to a miscellaneous revenue line item since the revenue was not expected when the budget was adopted in 2020. ” A copy of the bill of sale was not included in his message. A copy of the “receipt” was offered by the Franklin News-Post when asking questions of this author.

It is noted that the Town took 90 days to provide a receipt, and in what can only be described as a eerie coincedence, the bill of sale addresses all of the points made in this article, including:

  • “1.          The Purchaser will not sell or give away the Dog, without the written approval of the Town. The Town will not withhold that permission if the pending new owner completes a an[sic] identical Waiver of Liability Agreement;
  • 2.            The Purchaser will use the Dog only as a pet, but may train the Dog and enter competitions; and
  • 3.            The Purchaser will not use the Dog as a detection, rescue or service animal in any capacity, without the written approval of the Town.”

::::::: END NEW INFORMATION :::::::

Sgt. Mason recently left the Rocky Mount Police Department for a position in a another locality.

It was learned, however, that there is much to be concerned about when it comes to Dorka.

Despite being fired by the Rocky Mount Police Department, and having a Federal judge deny his possession of weapons, Mr. Fracker is indeed in possession of Dorka, a trained police dog. As troubling as that may be, what Mr. Fracker is doing with the animal is even worse.

Chuck Bates

Mr. Fracker now works in concert with a Boones Mill dog trainer, Charles Bates. In addition to breeding and selling German Shepherds, Mr. Bates offers a special service. For $350, Mr. Fracker will be dispatched to your home, with Dorka in tow. They will then use the dog’s narcotic sniffing skills to determine if there are now or ever were drugs present.

It is articulated “No marked car and we do not remove drugs. We recommend you go to a counselor if you find the problem. No police. We charge $350 cash so there is no record.”

The service also guarantees that no matter what they find, they will not notify law enforcement, “That is why we do this, No cops no records.”

The ethical implications of this service may be argued over for days. What is not defensible, is the use of a taxpayer-funded asset, in the hands of an alleged felonious insurrectionist, being used to thwart the efforts of law enforcement and narcotic interdiction.

All of this is made possible by the leaders of Rocky Mount, Virginia. The Chief and others in leadership at the Department sat on photos of the insurrection for days and took no action. From January 9 on, they have offered half-hearted rebukes of the attack on the U.S. Capitol and ignored the death of their fellow law enforcement officer.

Without public input, they disposed of a $5,000.00 asset of the Town and gave the animal to a disgraced officer who lacked any formal K9 training and certification.

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