Which Is It?

Which Is It?

The officer pictured holding the large weapon in th left photo is the same officer, Jason Divers, who hours later appears with his arms around the rally attendees.

Rocky Mount! The issues facing this nation with racial inequity and malfeasance on the part of a few bad officers is not as far away as you may think. Both the organizers and Rocky Mount Police Department have heralded last May’s Black Lives Matter rally at the Farmer’s Market in the Town of Rocky Mount, Virginia. If you will remember, the participants were 2:1 children. In fact, the rally was more of a celebration.

We are very lucky that things did not go the way the RMPD planned.

If you watch the video below, you will see three RMPD Officers breaking department policy by going into the armory and gathering riot weaponry to prepare an attack on the BLM Rally. Please note the timestamp in the corner of the video. The officers were Sgt. J.T. Divers, Sgt. Jacob Fracker, and Sgt. Steve Burgoyne. At the time of this video, none were firearms instructors and were therefore not allowed in the armory. In fact, Sgt. Divers was allegedly fired under a different RMPD Chief for violating a different space he was not authorized to be in and was rehired to his current position.


This video was taken the morning of the peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally, on May 31, 2020.

It is nauseating to observe the giddiness with which these three men play with the weaponry and mock the situation. The 17:20 mark is especially egregious as Sgt. Divers, who is in charge of the School Resource Officer program, plays with a monster-looking weapon that he bumps around the room with.

Can you imagine what could have happened if these officers unleashed this weaponry on what was, by all accounts, a peaceful gathering? The real vulgarity is that these officers went to the rally and presented themselves as advocates of BLM, even posing for photos and carrying signs.

The peaceful appearance of the officers was a part of the plan. One officer described it as a “counter-insurgency.” There were officers staged around the perimeter, out of sight. In an effort to get more officers in the middle of the event, the RMPD delivered pizza and water to attendees. This was sole to infiltrate the event.

Please note that one of these officers is Officer Jacob Fracker who bragged about his role in the Capitol insurrection, then recanted, noting his lack of access to the same items this video shows him plundering through.

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