Which Is It?

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The officer pictured holding the large weapon in th left photo is the same officer, Jason Divers, who hours later appears with his arms around the rally attendees. Read More

US Capitol Attacker uses $5,000 Police K9 To Thwart Law Enforcement

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::::::: SEE NEW INFO BELOW ::::::: The Town of Rocky Mount, Virginia, in cooperation with the Rocky Mount Police Department, has allegedly given a K9 unit dog to the disgraced officer and U.S. Capitol attacker, Jacob Fracker. Prior to being fired as a Rocky Mount Police Officer, Fracker had worked ... Read More

Rocky Mount Police Department Sees Mass Exodus

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Resignation Letter of Rocky Mount Police Investigator Justin Smith (click here to read) Working conditions in the Rocky Mount Police Department have worsened to the point that sworn officers are leaving in droves. Since 2020, the department has lost nearly 60% of their sworn officers. On June 1, 2020, the ... Read More


The Harvester and The Meals Tax Mislead

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In a March 2020 letter, former Assistant Town Manager Hatt Hankins wrote, "If the Town programmed a parks & recreation department, you would rationally count that as a quality of life effort and not expect that it create a 'profit'. The Harvester is similar in that is an investment Town ... Read More